When you enter some restaurants, you sometimes have to act as the host or hostess.  Maybe you have to seat yourself or maybe there is a sign there that tells you to wait (or seat yourself).  Or maybe the sign is halfway and you are perplexed.  Do you seat yourself at one of the many available dirty tables or do you grab a bus rag and a spritzer and clean one of them off first?

Maybe you have to wait for the person who should be there to return from points unknown.  Why?  Shouldn’t there be someone at the door all the time?


The ‘door’ is only the most important spot in the restaurant.  Without people walking through the door, there is no money for anyone – servers, bartenders, managers, cooks ….. owners.  So maybe the owner should invest a little money to ensure that there is always someone manning the door and making that all important 1st impression, a good one.  Wal-Mart has greeters and they seem to be rather successful. 

So rather than looking after customers, the management has decided that it can save a few bucks.  Great idea.  Get the customers all riled up before they taste your marginal food and endure your less than adequate service.

Psst. Get a busser working on all those dirty tables while you are at it.  Dirty tables don’t make you money.