Why is the music originating from the back of the house not congruent with the concept in the front of the house?  What is more upsetting is that the volume increases every time the kitchen doors swing open and it’s just your luck that you are seated in the booth adjacent to the kitchen.

Nothing like having a nice quiet intimate dinner in the middle of all this bedlam is there?  And surprisingly, the kitchen’s taste in music is definitely not similar to yours or anyone you know except for that kid down the street with his pants sitting a tad too low.


All the owner has to do is either:

  • Turn off the radio in the kitchen or even better;
  • Put an extra speaker in the kitchen, so that there is the same music playing in the back of the house as is playing in the front of the house.

Then there is the music channel they are tuned into. There are satellite stations they can subscribe to and cable channels with music for all tastes but no, we have to listen to the local FM station.  Hey, there’s a sale on at the local furniture store.  “Craaaaazy prices”   Really?  “Never Pay!!!”

Grow up owners and show a little backbone or spend a little money.  And turn down the music while you are at it. The plates are rattling.