Why can you never get a decent pot of tea at a restaurant?  And then when you get the teapot, the water (and I mean water because it isn’t tea), cannot be poured out of the teapot without it going all over the cup, saucer and table.  Is anyone looking at this happen?  There might be money to be made here.  Hmmm.


Memo to management.

Train servers to

  1. Warm the teapot by swishing hot water inside it.
  2. Warm the cup with the water you just used to heat the teapot.
  3. Add teabag to teapot and then use boiling water – like the stuff we have in our whistling kettles at home – to pour over the teabag.
  4. Empty hot water from cup and deliver both the teapot and the cup immediately to table.

Simple.  Right?  Obviously not.

Also is there no one out there who can manufacture a teapot for restaurants that doesn’t spill?  I don’t have a problem at home.  Ditch the crummy teapots and invest in some real ones.  You know the china ones with a spout. 

To do it right will mean more work for your servers, but isn’t it their job to work for the customer?  Forget it.  “I’ll have a coffee instead, thanks.”