How is this possible?  Your burger is barely warm and your fries are limp and what was once a crisp piece of lettuce and a crunchy slice of tomato is now something that looks and tastes like it was put in the microwave for 10 seconds.  Wilted garnish?  Mmmmm good.

Do we complain?  Never.  We just pick our way through the meal quietly.

“How are things?” …..“Okay thanks.”…..“Do you want to try our deep-fried ice cream?”………“I’ll let you know.”



There are still awful and unnecessary things called heat lamps in restaurants.  Rather than waiting to put the sandwich, garnish and fries on the platter until the server appears for ‘pick-up’, the kitchen just puts things on a plate and sticks it up under a heat lamp waiting for a server to show up. 

Maybe he is taking a large party order, so is a long time from getting to the kitchen.  Where’s the common sense on this one? There should be someone working in the kitchen that cares about the product going out of the kitchen.

What’s the point in having a heat lamp when all the management has to do is train the employees that timing is everything. Have someone in the kitchen that calls for the food when the server arrives on the scene.  Show some pride for crying out loud.

Psst.  Maybe have someone from the kitchen deliver the food while it’s hot.  Just a thought.