Why should you find ketchup bottles on the table in the first place?  Maybe you don’t like ketchup – I don’t.  And when it is left there for all to use throughout the days and weeks it slowly builds up this rim of yucky hard crusty stuff around the top that gets harder and harder over time.

And then there is the mustard bottle that you have to prick the top of with a fork tine to get any flow.  When you squeeze it, the first ounce is just liquid something that’s plain gross and is definitely not mustard.


Let’s stop and think for a second.  If you order a burger, the server could in advance of the food being delivered (really think about that statement) go to the service stand and select the required condiments for the meal that will soon be delivered.  When there, he could wipe the top of the bottles with a warm, clean, damp cloth so what you get is a ketchup bottle that is actually clean.

Maybe the management could make that a policy?  Wow!  On no.  They just take the easy way out at our expense.  Thanks. 

“Pass the hot sauce; it’s the little bottle with no top on it.  Thanks”