Why do you have to be served by someone who is having a bad day? How many times have you gone out of your way to make this poor excuse for a server feel better about himself? Let’s go over this for a second. You are cheering him up?

“Had a bad day, have you?” “Really? This morning before work?”
Boy does that seem wrong. Who is doing the paying here? But you do it don’t you? And you take it on as a personal challenge. Why? If you don’t, you’ll have a rotten service experience and pay for it twice, once with money and the other with frustration.

It is the management’s job to ensure that the people on the floor are always in a good mood. To do that, they have to hire nice people – novel idea that hiring nice people thing – and then they have to ensure every day that whatever is ailing their staff is left behind when they ‘hit the floor’.
The customers don’t care if the dog died or the house burned down; they want to be served by someone who is going to make them feel good. What is tough about that?
The management has to actually be aware of who is working and how they look and present themselves – everyday! It is a show and the servers and bartenders and hosts are the actors. When it is show time it is show time. No excuses. “Break a leg.”