When you sit down at your table, grab the sugar bowl and take all the sugar packs and sweetener packs out of it and check the bottom.  You may find odd stuff.  Yuck.  What does it signify?  It means their kitchen is probably dirty.

The same stands for the bathrooms.  Think about it.  If the management doesn’t care about cleaning things that you can see, what about the things and places you can’t see?  What do their fridges look like?  How often do they change their fryer oil?  You can guess now can’t you?


At the end of every shift all packs should be removed from the sugar bowls and the bowls should be either wiped clean or run through the dishwasher.  They could be left to dry until the next morning when the opening staff can put a reasonable number of packets in each bowl. 

There is no Guinness world record for number of packs in a sugar bowl, but if there was, I know a place that would hold that record.  367.  And clean the salt and pepper shakers at the same time will you, they feel a little greasy.  And check the ledges and under the tables for gum and….