Why is it when you go to a restaurant you haven’t been to before and ask the server: “What do you recommend?”  You get back the lame answer:

“Everything” or the useless

“I dunno” or even

“I am a vegetarian and I hate steaks” although here she is a server at Bob’s Steakhouse?

Is it all that tough?  We are only asking because we want to know and respect your opinion.  Help us out a little.  I want the house speciality.  You have to know what that is for crying out loud.


Every server has to have a favorite and it or she has to be convincing, which translates into has to ‘mean’ it.  The management should make it part of training.  Pick an item.  Learn about how it is cooked.  Talk about how it is “great” with this or that. 

Come on. Get with the program! This stuff isn’t tough; it just takes a little caring on the part of the management and on the part of the server.  Who are they working for anyway?  Us dammit!  If you care about us, try your hardest to make us feel good about spending money on a meal we could cook for a fraction of the cost at home on the bbq.