Why can’t the management find the bathroom a mess instead of you?  What do you find?

  • Water on the floor – where does it come from?
  • Paper towels everywhere
  • A wicked smell that you can’t put your finger on, thank goodness
  • Basically, just a bad scene all round.


And you are having lunch in this place.  You might expect it in a roadside gas station bathroom with the key on the big plastic disc; but where you eat?  Where does the water come from really?  Is it water?  Hope so.  You end up telling your server “I think you should have someone check the bathroom.”

Ya Think?


Management has to send employees back to check the bathrooms all the time, and I mean all the time, because it only takes one ‘event’ to get things into a mess.  (Or maybe he could do the check himself)

The whole ‘clipboard with the pencil and the time last checked’ thing is a no go.  It is just a smoke screen used by management to placate you as you slosh around in almost ankle-deep water looking for a paper towel. 

If there is even the slightest lull in business (and every server has one of those every couple of minutes) say:  “Check the Men’s”.  That is all it takes.  The management has to think and act.  And they don’t.