Why do they lie to us?

You ask the host how long for a table and they lie to you. “Oh about 5 minutes.”

You ask when your meal is going to be served and you get the stock “It’ll be right up” explanation that you know is a bold-faced lie.

Why do they do this to us?  You have a kid that is starving and you need a drink really badly after being on the road for 6 hours and you get treated like a fool.  Funny thing is we take it.

“Okay, no problem, thanks.”


A little honesty goes a long way towards building credibility in the marketplace.  If it’s going to be 30 minutes for the next table, tell us. 

Better to lose us today and make us happy, then keep us today only to have us be severely peeved the whole time we are there and for evermore.  And it will be forever.  You never forget when you’ve had your chain pulled and the restaurant management do it all the time thinking that we won’t notice. 

Psst.  We do, and we will remember.