Why is it when you are having an issue and need the manager to help sort things out, he is nowhere to be found.  You catch the attention of your server – if you are lucky – and ask to speak to the manager.

Firstly, they’ll trick you by asking what it is about.  Don’t tell ‘em.  They have been trained to avoid passing on bad stuff.  If you tell them you are interested in buying a franchise, the manager will run out to see you.

Secondly, the manager is never available when you want him anyway.  He’s busy doing whatever it is that restaurant managers do when they should be on the floor dealing with issues like yours.


Restaurant Managers are a rare breed.  They work too hard, smoke too many cigarettes, don’t get outside at all, hardly sleep and feel they are paid far too little.   They don’t look after themselves, so appear like extras from ‘Land of the Living Dead Part 4’. 

I don’t care what their issues are.  Quit.  If you can’t handle the job go work at some other job.  I noticed that the local convenience store is looking for someone to cover the night shift. 

You chose this profession; so be proud and be on the floor and stand up and be counted.  There I said it.  It is really a good job if you work it properly.  The key word there is ‘work’.  And stop feeling sorry for yourself.  We have jobs too you know.