Why is it whenever you want to order the shrimp special that you have been craving and you see it on the blackboard, that it is always unavailable?  And why is it that no one really cares?  Come on, can’t they make more than six ‘Shrimp Medleys’ for a Friday night dinner special?  And it isn’t that it is sold out, it’s that they always tell you that they just sold the last one to the happy customer at the booth over there.  Why do they torture us?


If the special is sold out, then:

  • Take down the special signs,
  • Rub it off the boards and
  • Stop the servers from talking about it.

I don’t care if the ‘all you can eat shrimp special for $5’ is gone.  It’s gone.  How about putting on a new special that the customers can enjoy?  Now that is a really new approach.  And who decides when it is ‘sold out’ anyway?  Can’t you make one more?  ONE?