Why do they bother giving you a lemon wheel in the first place?  You have to poke it with a swizzle stick to try and get juice out of it and all that does is free up the pits so they get stuck in the end of the straw which then gives you a hernia as you try and suck the juice through the blocked end.

Then there’s the dried out fruit garnish that has been sitting in the garnish tray at the bar for 12 hours and is a less than great complement to your rum and coke.  No manner of pressing will get a drop of juice out of one of those suckers.  They look like fruit, but are not fruit.  Sort of like your aunt Agnes’ plastic fruit bowl fruit.


Management should dispense with the whole fruit wheel thing altogether and go back to wedges of lemon and lime.  A wedge is something that you can squeeze and get a result – juice. 

The wheel is used with oranges and when matched with a cherry and skewered with one of those little plastic swords is used to garnish the really expensive fruity cocktails that young ladies drink.  The wheels on a regular drink go nowhere. 

How much does a lime cost anyway?  It costs me patience and I haven’t got a lot of that, especially when I am paying these ridiculous prices for my drink.