Why is it whenever you have been craving a long cool draft beer all day and at last you are at the bar, you get exactly what you don’t want?  A liquid that is part foam, part beer and part some disinfectant that is added to the water in the rinse cycle because the bar glass washer isn’t operating properly and is dispensing iodine into the water at the rate of 5,000,000 parts per ounce.


Beer is meant to be served cold and in a cold serving vessel.  Isn’t the management watching the same beer ads that you and I watch? 

  • Frozen lakes
  • Mountain streams
  • Glaciers

Nowhere are there warm glasses that haven’t been rinsed properly in that picture.  Buy a little fridge/freezer and put your beer glasses in the fridge when they have been washed and then thoroughly rinsed with fresh water.  Ahhhh.  Frosty mug of beer.