Why can’t you have fish and salad?  You don’t want chips.  You are being very cautious with your weight these days and although you are having a fried food – the fish – you want to compensate by having a side salad.  But no.

The kitchen has decided that you, the customer, can’t have what you want; only what they want you to have.  It is fish and chips.


The kitchen is holding the management ransom.  The management is scared to death of the kitchen because they never bothered to get stuck in and learn how the kitchen works.  In fact they have never worked a shift in the kitchen; so now they are at the mercy of the kitchen.

If the kitchen decides to be jerks, there is nothing the management can or will do about it.  That’s why you can’t have fish and salad.  They have all the stuff and it is really not a bother; but if the tail (the kitchen) is wagging the dog (the management), you suffer.