Why is it that the table you really want to sit at has a reserved sign on it, yet stays vacant during your entire meal?  You get your usual table by the kitchen while the gorgeous window table is left unoccupied.

Are there people ever sitting at the table or is it left empty just in case the Queen shows up with Phil looking for some wings and nachos.  Hey, you never know.


I don’t get it either.  Even if Liz and Phil had a ‘res’ they can sit somewhere else.  Hey it’s not like they’re regulars for crying out loud. No, what is going on, is that the manager failed to schedule enough severs, so rather than taking a few tables himself – he couldn’t do that now could he – he puts tables out of service – secretly – by placing reserved signs on them.

Very sneaky.  And then he goes and hides in the office.

Psst.  Put the rotten tables out of service not the good ones.