Why if you take the time to make a reservation – and that is a rarity – when you arrive at the host stand at the appropriate time, you are invariably told that you don’t have a reservation?  You fight for their respect.

“I think her name was Tanya or Tammy. Okay, then maybe it was someone else.  Who was working the door last night?  (Oh yah, you don’t have a door person).  Well then….”

You are left to accepting your position at the back of the line-up.

“How long is the wait……Only 5 minutes?….Okay.  Sorry to bother you.”


Notice to Management. If someone calls for a reservation:

  • Document it on the POS and include a name and phone number.
  • On the day of the reservation, call and speak to the person in question to confirm number of people and the time.
  • It might be useful to ask at that time if there are any special requests the party might have – birthday, high chair – to make things easier later on.

It helps everyone out if you are prepared in advance.  Geez.  Someone called ahead and chose your restaurant, treat them properly.  They took the time to call you, take time to call them.