Why when you order nachos, you know before the plate arrives that you’ll need extra salsa and sour cream?  You always do.  Then, when you flag someone down, they say that they’ll tell your server; but they don’t.  You pick away at the nachos and eventually you finish.  Just as you bite into that last ‘dry as all get out’ chip, the server bounds over and asks: “How was everything?” and you reply: “Okay, thanks”.


If a server has been working at the same restaurant for more than a month, then he would have had dozens of customers ask for extra salsa and sour cream when they ordered nachos.  That being the case, why not upsell a few extra sides for $.99 each and make the customer happy? 

The whole issue could be avoided if the owner saw things through the customers’ eyes; instead he thinks he is saving money by “shorting” the customer in salsa.  Give more.  Charge more.  Make us happy.  Duh.