Why do menu writers continue to build you up only to have you totally deflated when you actually eat the meal? ‘Infused’ with this and ‘drizzled’ with that and ‘tossed’ in this and ‘sprinkled’ with that at the end of the day means nothing if the meal sucks.

How many times have you ordered a sandwich because it is made on what they say is  fresh bread, only to be disappointed when it arrives on your table and is on the same old plastic bread that you could buy at the local grocery store for $1.79 a loaf.


The management believe that if you think that your food will be good, it actually will be good.  Wrong! We customers are waaaaay smarter than that; but they persist. 

  • They use words like crisp to describe something that is in reality limp.
  • They overuse the description fresh.
  • They try and confuse you by using the term ‘house-made’ thinking that we’ll believe that Aunt B from Mayberry is cooking the pies and putting them on her windowsill to cool.


Give us a lot more credit than that and stop lying to us.  The cook took the steak cut fries – skin on – out of the freezer and put them in the fryer.  There is no one in the back of the kitchen hand cutting potatoes.