Why do restaurants continue to make us fight with the little pc packs?  What a waste of time.  You try and open the little pack of Low-Cal Italian Dressing with your hands but after a few frustrating moments give in and use your teeth to get at the ½ oz. of stuff.  And then you are forced to do it three more times to get enough dressing to cover your salad.  How about vinegar?  We all know the results of that wrestling match.


Management will tell you it’s a health issue.  Right.  And the ketchup bottle on the table isn’t?  And the mustard?  Gimme a break.

They are just too lazy to worry about stocking and maintaining more products – products that their customers will appreciate having.  Instead, they have boxes of thousands of pc pouches occupying valuable shelf space. 

And how do they get the dressing in the pc pouches anyway?