Every time you really want a good cup of ‘freshly brewed’ coffee – you’re not ordering the tea you really want – you are in a restaurant that has 4 glass pots filled with ‘3 hour old’ stuff?  You order decaf thinking that no one else will have ordered one so far today so they’ll have to make a fresh pot, but you are wrong and they have decaf left over from the morning.

Then, you just get the right combination of milk and sweetener in your mug to mask the bitter taste, Mr. Coffee himself (aka your server) arrives and tops it up and throws things out of balance again.  “Thanks”  Really?


Owners say on their menus that they serve a ‘bottomless cup of coffee’.  However, they are terrified that you actually might take them up on their offer and sit there and drink coffee for the next six hours.  Gimme a break.  The stuff when it’s fresh is marginal and when it’s been sitting on the warmer all afternoon is downright horrible.  But the management hold true to form and don’t throw it out just in case a coffee addict shows up. 

At least his costs won’t be high.  Either will the revenue and costs pay for nothing?  Revenue is king, Einstein.