Why is it that when you have a simple question that needs to be answered that your server is the person who is dumber than a third grader?  Who is training these Bozos?

  • Where is the nearest ATM machine? I dunno.
  • What’s playing at the theatres? I dunno.
  • Is there a game tonight? I dunno.

Why not dammit? 

I may be from out of town or maybe I live by myself in a cabin at the edge of town without electricity.  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you, the server, have to be on top of everything. Remember, it is a tip you are vying for here.



Management hires someone who looks good or is someone’s friend.  They throw them on the floor with little or no training and don’t expect much of them because they are, well, servers. 

Well those servers can potentially make a hell of a lot of money and most of it will be tax-free.  Demand that they know everything about everything because they should.  And if they don’t, at least show the initiative and go and find out.  Can they do that?  “I dunno.”