Why when you put a twenty on the table to pay a $17 bill does the server have the audacity to ask if you want change?  You’ll decide how much of a tip they get when you are good and ready thank you very much.  And who says you are getting a tip at all anyway?

You were indifferent and never brought me that extra salsa and didn’t know if the mall was still open and your uniform is a mess and you called me a guy!  And you are asking if I want my change.  Come to think of it, I want all my change thank you very much.


The server has not been trained.  I know it was obvious but not everyone picks up on it; they think that this server is like all the rest of them; so it must be you and not them.  Dead wrong.  A trained server would say….. are you ready for it?…… “I’ll be back with your change.” 

That simple phrase turns things right around and makes you, the customer, feel so much more comfortable.  You are in the position of power here and you should be because you control the cash.  In most cases you’ll probably say, “No, it’s all yours, thanks.”  This stuff is so simple.