Why when you go into a restaurant for dinner there’s something that you don’t want to watch – especially during dinner – on the TV?  Just because some weird guy at the bar is a boxing fan doesn’t mean that we all have to become boxing fans.  Geez.  A Caesar Salad and a nice order of wings and a guy all cut up and bleeding over himself.  And then they turn the volume up to boot.  Great.

Who is this person who has control over the remote?  Is he the owner’s brother?  Nope, just someone who is more important than everyone else in the place.  He is buying a few drafts while we are putting a second mortgage on our house to pay the exorbitant prices for our dinner for 4.


The management thinks that the person who comes in every day and spends $10 is more important than the rest of us who come in less often; but when we do, drop a $100.  And there are tons of us and one of him.  Where is the sense in that? 

The management start to become crazy after a while and will jeopardize their concept to placate a few oddballs who are now their friends because they sit at the bar for a couple of hours every day.  Sometimes you wonder. 

And turn the volume off.  It is competing with music from the kitchen