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Need Us To Step In & Turn Things Around?

We work with you to turn your entire operation into a money-making machine.
You’ll turn into a “numbers” fanatic. You get to benefit from our simple but effective methods. You will work with restaurant people – ones who have actually owned their own restaurant. We’ll make sure that you make more money and save more money.



Finding out what needs to be changed/improved to ensure success


Training your managers and supervisors to understand the numbers

Management Info Systems

Designing a system to track all your numbers – revenues, costs, expenses


Ensuring that your labor costs are and remain under control

Customer Services

Making sure your restaurant satisfies your customers’ wants and needs


Stay on top of your inventories, payables, receivables, payroll deductions, taxes etc.

Sales Training

Building check average to generate more revenue and profit


Putting in place the necessary controls to protect your asset


Both traditional and digital marketing needs to get your restaurant rolling.

Meet Restaurant Expert Paul Morgan

Paul Morgan is our founder and lead consultant. He is a long-time serial entrepreneur turned successful consultant and coach. Paul’s restaurant ownership career started in the early 1990s with the launch of two successful mid-casual restaurant concepts.

Throughout the decades to follow, Paul’s touch would be found woven into the DNA of restaurants across North America.

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