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We teach restaurant owners the science behind the restaurant business.

Most restaurant owners understand the “art” of the business and that is the cool stuff that people enjoy – the restaurant customer experience.  Unfortunately, most of those same owners do not comprehend the “science” behind the business and that is where the money is made and lost. If an owner understands the science behind the business, then his or her chances for success are greatly enhanced.  The corollary is also true, if an owner does not comprehend the science behind the business, his or her chances of failure are all but guaranteed.

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Pre-Opening Costs

Itemising expenses such as Marketing, Training, Inventory, Deposits, etc

Concept Development

Taking your “idea” and building it into a “viable business concept”

Recruiting & Training

For management and line staff

Financial Projections

“Proving” your concept by translating it into real and accurate numbers

Cost Control Systems

For product and labor costs, we get all the numbers right

Menu Development

Including “costing” the menus

Start-Up Costs

Identifying the cost of taking a space and turning it into a restaurant

Policies & Procedures

To ensure everything runs smoothly in the front and in the kitchen


Both traditional and digital