We will lead you through the entire process of taking you from where you are today to getting open for business.
We have helped open countless restaurants, resorts, hotels, event centers etc. and so have it down to a science.
We won’t “cost” you money; instead; we’ll “save” you money.
We’ll help you avoid making one or more of those $10,000 mistakes people make when they try and “go it alone”.

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Concept Development

Taking your “idea” and building it into a “viable business concept”

Financial Projections

“Proving” your concept by translating it into numbers.

Start-Up Costs

Identifying the cost of taking a space and turning it into a restaurant.

Pre-Opening Costs

Itemising expenses such as Marketing, Training, Inventory, Deposits, etc

Cost Control Systems

For product and labor costs, we get all the numbers right

Policies and Procedures

For both the front and the kitchen

Recruiting, Hiring & Training

For management and line staff

Menu Development

Including “costing” the menus


Both traditional and digital

The Restaurant Industry Is Difficult. We Make It Easy For You.

If you are looking for someone to talk to about your restaurant, we’ll listen. If you require a little help, we’re here. Whatever it is that you need, you can lean on us. We are restaurant consultants and experts with more than 25 years in the business. We have owned and operated our own restaurants; therefore, have been where you are right now on countless occasions. We are not analysts or accountants – we are restaurant people!

We offer affordable restaurant consulting, because we understand that you have a budget. With us, you get someone who is sensitive to your budget and you’ll work with someone who has actually done it before.

Whether you are opening your first restaurant or have been in operation for years, we can help you. We don’t believe it is either productive or ethical to sell you something that you don’t need or can’t afford; so we will only recommend what we think will have the most positive impact on you and your bottom line.

CALL 1-844-733-7526 FOR A QUOTE