We are not consultants in the traditional sense of the word. We are not analysts or accountants; instead, we are coaches and like you, we are restaurant people. We have worked in every type of restaurant, from QSR to Fine dining. We have actually worked in every position in both the front of house and kitchen. We have worked a Friday night when the lineup is out the door. We have worked a busy lunch when you are a man short on the line. And remember, we have opened, operated and sold our own restaurants. Get that “real restaurant” experience working for you.

We have been where you are right now…..on countless occasions.

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Concept Development
Financial Projections
Cost Control Systems
Labor Cost Control
Selecting the Right Location
Recruiting and Hiring


Sales Training
Policies and Procedures
Control Systems
Information Systems

We offer affordable restaurant coaching and consulting because we understand that you have a budget. With us, you get someone who is sensitive to your budget and you’ll work with someone who has actually done it before.

Whether you are opening your first restaurant or have been in operation for years, we can help you. We don’t believe it is either productive or ethical to sell you something that you don’t need or can’t afford; so we will only recommend what we think will have the most positive impact on you and your bottom line.

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